Meet Tom. Tom is a young lad from Grimsby who is about the embark on his first adventures on board one of Grimsby’s most famous trawlers, the Ross Tiger.

In these videos, join Tom as he becomes a decky learner, sailing to the ice-cold waters of Iceland with the Skipper, his shipmates and Susie the Seagull, to catch cod and haddock – perhaps they will spot the one and only Harry the Haddock!

Together, we’ll learn all about life on board Grimsby’s trawlers, from the clothes they wore and the food they ate, to the jobs and chores of the decky learners and the fish they caught.

Tom and the Trawler is created and produced by East Coast Pictures for the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, and is available to view here.



East Coast Pictures, the Creators and Producers of Tom and the Trawler, is a local television production company based in Lincolnshire, whose team has a wealth of experience in working on national and international television productions for the likes of the BBC and ITV. Visit the East Coast Pictures website for more details about the company and how to be involved with their upcoming local television productions.