Episode 1

Say ‘Hello’ to Tom! Tom is about to go on his first adventure on Grimsby’s famous Trawler, the Ross Tiger.


Episode 2

It’s time for Tom to get ready for his adventure at sea. Tom’s Mum shows him all the clothes he needs to take on his journey including thigh boots, fearnoughts and a sowester.


Episode 3

Tom goes onboard the Trawler, The Ross Tiger. Tom meets the Skipper who explains they are going to travel to the icy waters of Iceland to catch cod and haddock – and may even see the famous fish, Harry the Haddock.


Episode 4

Tom finds out how hard a Deckie Learner has to work. The Trawlermen show Tom the chores he has to do, cleaning the deck and filling the needles for the fishing nets. Suddenly there’s a shout, its time to start fishing!


Episode 5

The fishing nets are full and Tom helps the Trawlermen unload the huge catch of fish. But suddenly the weather changes, the wind blows, the seas become rough and ice begins to appear. Tom must chip away the ice from the Ross Tiger or it may capsize!


Episode 6

Tom is freezing cold. He hurries to the galley, the ship’s kitchen and meets the ships Cook. Tom helps the cook prepare the dinner and calls the Trawlermen for Supper.


Episode 7

Its time for the Ross Tiger to come home and dock in the port of Grimsby. The crew change their fishing gear for smart suits and treat themselves to fish and chips. The wives and girlfriends of the crew are pleased to see them and so is Tom’s Mum. What an adventure, Tom is pleased to be home.